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Omega VERT VSJ843 Slow Juicer

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Omega VERT VSJ843 Slow Juicer
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Fresh from the popular Omega Juicers brand is the Omega VERT VSJ843R Slow Juicer, a vertical juicer which performs exceptionally on every level. The Omega VERT shares many similarities with the Hurom HH 11 Elite Juicer, with the same parts on the front, the popular 43 RPM dual winged augur, steel Ultem screen for juicing and ease of assembly. Both juicers maximise the juice yield, squeezing out every available drop. The Hurom model has the added advantage of a control lever to manage pulp which is essential for smoothies and also a convenient stand for drying parts, neither of which are included with the Omega. The Hurom is also more compact, with the Omega VERT featuring a larger body.


The all-new Omega VERT VRT VSJ843R boasts extensive enhancements compare to existing VRT designs and is supported by the industry leading 15 year manufacturer warranty from Omega.

Omega has chosen to be one of their official UK distributors, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing that you are buying from experts in Omega juicing technology.


Key Features

  • Slow 43 RPM motor with quiet operation
  • Efficient dual winged augur
  • Improved spinning brush design
  • 15 year manufacturer warranty
  • Easy to clean with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Simple to assemble
  • BPA free materials

Product Video

Advantages of the Omega VERT

The juice extraction process on horizontal masticating slow speed juicers is compromised by only having a relatively small area for the augur and juicing strainer. The introduction of the vertical juicing mechanism; includes a much bigger surface area for the strainer allows the juice to move through the mechanism far more quickly. Still only moving at 43 RPM, the vertical juicing technology has the ability to extract one litre of juice much more quickly than a horizontal juicer, taking only around half of the time.

An extra advantage to the vertical juicing mechanism is that as you feed the produce in; it’s gripped by the augur and drawn further down, creating an almost automatic feeding device. The device called the food pusher is ideal for use with soft leafy greens. GE Ultem has been used to manufacture both the juice strainer and an augur screw, creating components with are eight times as strong as traditional juicing materials. GE Ultem has the added benefits of being both food safe and BPA free. 

Cleaning the Omega VERT is quick, simple and easy: all you need is water. After you’ve finished juicing, just pour in some water and you’ll be able to flush through any remaining pulp left. If you need to dissemble and clean the unit, each part clicks into position with ease making the whole process fast and convenient. As a general rule, vertical juicers take half the time that a horizontal juicer takes to dissemble, clean and put back together.

Although the VSJ843R series from Omega has been designed similarly to the VSJ843Q Omega series in the US, there may be minor differences in the motor cover shape. Technology and performance are however identical.

More Information
ModelVERT VSJ843
Country of ManufactureSouth Korea
Dimensions25.4 cm (D) x 17.8 cm (W) x 40.6 cm (H) 254 x 178 x 406
Juicer TypeCold Press Juicers, Vertical Juicers
Speed43 RPM
Warranty15 Years
Wattage150 W
Weight6.8 kg
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